Title:100 pieces of paintings
The Installation is like above.100 paintings(should be more,1000 if possible) filed up high on a black column ,and people can watch it from the side(the above if you’re tall enough),without the permission to touch it or see the 100/1000 works one by one.
Statement: The installation is my answer to the question “Is Painting Dead?”,which I actually cannot tell but felt a little bit pessimistic,that’s why I filed them up as if they’re originally been forgotten in the corner.However,the assumption by artists,critics,or whoever,that “Painting is Dead” cannot sound for paintings themselves.They were shining,they were proud,they were amazing and They will.

Process of making it:
The process of drawing one by one 100 paintings ,is a great experience for me as a way to dive into Paintings and explore the basic elements and the relations in between.Some ideas just occur to me when I’m drawing trying to use “dot,line,space,shape,color,contrast,different material – brush,finger ,etc”,for example ,when lines form a shape when didn’t take them as lines at all,the space between the shapes form a wide line as well,are we drawing the lines/shapes,etc we ‘re drawing?Or are we drawing the lines/shapes,etc we’re not draw ?

And after finishing painting all the 100(actually 106)pieces,the room is overwhelmed by them,I took some photos randomly as if to form some new digital paintings with endless combinations.


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