Thoughts from ZHAN on Vimeo.

Nine people are invited into the project. Everyone was asked to think of a topic/keyword first,and do a following 3 minutes’ automatic writing based on the topic.
Then they were locked alone in a room without other disturbance and were recorded thinking about their topics for 1 hour (or more if they like).They were allowed to make sound or change position only if it was how they naturally behaved when they were thinking.

The topic they choose for the 1 hour are ant,music,romantic fiction,representation,human,time,today,Eskimo and freedom,respectively.

By pushing their thoughts to the limits, I want to see the invisible private thoughts cry out in the so-called deadly stillness. I want to discover what the thoughts like as they really are,Can what happened in their brain really be able to interpreted by paintings,translated through text? or the frowns, smiles? By recording the thinking process can we capture the thoughts themself?


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