My PPP (Playful Plasticine Project) invites my favourite material plasticine into the electronic world.

A. Uncle Tom is picking his teeth.

Before he becomes a man
Inner Beauty

Simple circuit can have its humor.

I seal the whole clip  except a small end of the buzzer in order to conduct electric when the toothpick is picking his teeth .The electrical conductivity various as the riddle prick in different depth,and since the exposed wire is around his gum,the place will become most sensitive,and “hurts” when toothpick pricks in.

B. Super Mario –Fake Pixel

Super Mario is one of the most classical video-game-icon commemorate that age. When doing pixel art,its brief but vivid image becomes a popular choice and has been repeated and repeated to pay tribute to. This time I made my Mario as well.

The final version plays a trick that as the bottom is pressed the music rings up and the Fake Pixel there seem to become digital,”electrical”.

Also, the process of making it is like a simulation of the history as computer technology developed,and the resolution of image gets better and better, Pixels become more and smaller.(After the photo is taken,Mario will even have a “higher resolution” version than ever before by the camera,only this time,It’s the true pixel…)

Big Pixel Mario
Same Mario,Smaller Pixels
Mario becomes Sharper,since more Pixels join!
I’m coming,Princess Peach!

To make Super Mario–Fake Pixel, I use mosquitoes screen for the “Higher resolution” version, Arduino for the tune (the tune is from the game whenever it starts),and a speaker connected to a switch.So when you press the bottom you may have the feeling of getting ready for a new round in the video game.

Princess Peach,Here comes your Super Hero!

Below is the code .

Thanks Arduino.



*”The theory of plasticine” is made up by myself~ so any problems or potential danger you notice please kindly remind me,since maybe at this moment,I’m still picking Uncle Tom’s teeth and incautiously pricking his GUM..~:)


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