Series 1- Moving Image (G) from ZHAN on Vimeo.

When people talk about Film,  “moving image” is always its synonym . Despite the fact that,  we are really not “moving” the image as the term indicated, on a frame-by-frame base, we are  replacing one image with another, which has minimum changes in order to keep the continuity thus to create a illusion that the image is moving.

What inspires me is the photo screening at  gatherings or parties, people use Powerpoint (or other applications) to display photos one by one inserting some effects like “dissolve” in between.

Can photo screening be a film?

In this experiment I use 300 discontinuous photos and hope to create an illusion of  “moving image”.

Questions like “what makes people think it is a film? What is the ‘feeling’ of a film? ” comes to me when I try to make my photo sequence more Film-like.

I adjust color, speed, resolution,rhythm etc. , apply vourious layers, just follow the conventional sense of ” a film “. And finally I think I get this illusion of moving images.


Some of the photos I use:

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