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Chinese landscape painting on long scroll depicts mountains and rivers in a fluid space. “横看成岭侧成峰,远近高低各不同。不识庐山真面目,只缘身在此山中。” A poem says: “It’s like a range when you look at the mountain from the front.But it’s like a peak When you look at it sideways. The mountain shows its different features In different levels near and far. You don’t know the real Lushan Mountain,Because you are in the mountain yourself.” –tells the truth about mountainous landscape, and it is especially true in Chinese landscape painting where mountains share a certain similarity and difference at the same time. This feature of endless and self similarity gives me the impression of a very fractal-like landscape. It generated through space following certain direction but you sure can imagining it grow into various directions, front and behind, near and far. I’ll work on its potentialities of exploring more complex space relations, multiple layers and dimensions in the future work.



Mount A:

Mount B:

Rule: A—>A B B—>A A B

So the first three level should look like this:

In my sketch, 70 mountains were generated as a sample. s.length()<70. Thus the pattern will be:



L_system_in_Chinese_Landscape_Painting from ZHAN on Vimeo.


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