de texto is a electronic sound band formed in 2012. The group’s final line-up consisted of Yoanna Yu, Mandy Chan, Carey Wong and Zhan Chang.

They have their first performance called Funeral on 7th May,2012.

Funeral is a sound performance capturing the sound of clicking mobile phone. The poem Funeral is used for the text.


poem by Wisława Szymborska, perform by de texto

A / B / C / D  chorus, synchronised speed

“so suddenly, who could have seen it coming”

“stress and smoking, I kept telling him”

“not bad, thanks, and you”

“these flowers need to be unwrapped”

[A / B dialogue, with rhythm, stresses, pauses]

“his brother`s heart gave out, too, it runs in the family”

“I`d never know you in that beard”

“he was asking for it, always mixed up in something”

“that new guy was going to make a speech, I don`t see him”

“Kazek`s in Warsaw, Tadek has gone abroad”

“you were smart, you brought the only umbrella”

“so what if he was more talented than they were”

“no, it`s a walk-through room, Barbara won`t take it”

“of course, he was right, but that`s no excuse”

“with body work and paint, just guess how much”

[Projection: invite audience to call]

[unreceived call ,vibration, call rejection]

[monologue / A / whispering]

“two egg yolks and a tablespoon of sugar”

“none of his business, what was in it for him”

“only in blue and just small sizes”

“five times and never any answer”

“all right, so I could have, but you could have, too”

“good thing that at least she still had a job”

“don`t know, relatives, I guess”

[A typing / B whispering  different speeds]

“that priest looks like Belmondo”

[A text / B text / C whispering  . different speed]

“I`ve never been in this part of the grounds”

[A text / B text / C text / D whispering // chorus. own speed]

“I dreamed about him last week, I had a feeling”

[ typing with click sound]

A / “his daughter`s not bad-looking”

A / B “the way of all flesh”

A / B / C “give my best to the widow, I`ve got to run”

A / B / C / D “it all sounded so much more solemn in Latin”

[clicking sound lasting]


[pre-set incoming call / reject )

[A / B / C / D // chorus . same speed]

“what`s gone is gone”


[ clicking sound imitate heartbeat]

[duologue / A / B]

“good bye”

“I could sure use a drink”

“give me a call”

“which bus goes downtown”

“I`m going this way”

[A /B/C/D]

“we`re not”



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