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WANDERER, a set on Flickr.

WANDERER is an installation specifically created by Zhan for Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center in Hong Kong.

One of the artist’s favorite hobbies is to walk around, exploring the building and find spaces distinctive or plain, obscure or popular, fresh or ancient.. to stay for a while or even a whole day.

Spaces within a building can be quiet interesting, because of the different functions, locations or structure of each part, they can attract different kinds of people to visit. Some sites then can be quiet hot while others remain backstage, supporting the others, enjoying a tranquil view day after day.

Working and studying here, the artist has a special bond with those anonymous sites; to find them always gives her surprise at first and comforts as she stays. The relationship between people, time and spaces also fascinates her: who or what will you meet around the next corner? Anyone cried here before? What can you see standing there?

Open your mind and Pack your curiosity, Let’s take a walk! Maybe at the next corner you can meet another ‘WANDERER’ like you!


 Start from 1F outside Screening Theatre M1052

—> Take the Main Lift to 6F

—> Walk up to 7F from the Main Staircase

—> Turn feft as you reach 7F walk to the end of the corridor

—> Enter the Stairhall on your right

—> Walk down following the arrows to 1F

—> End of the tour. Go explore the building by yourself!

[PDF Documentation] WANDERER


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