[Imagined Techonology Ad][2012]

“This is an introduction to a new technology called CAPTURE THE AIR!

a woman walking by, grasp! you can know the brand of her perfume.(smell)

cooking when having a bad cold ? a grasp of air can tell you what condiment you are using.

wanna go jogg but not sure of the air quality? Grasp some air then it will tell you !

There’re also some secondary information about the air, say, humidity, air pressure, weather analysis…

The technology can be embeded in ring, gloves..

all the information you want to know about the air can be captured by Capture the air!”



Eye-lid Screen Technology Program


“At the beginning of last year, SCM media lab decided to collaborate with volunteers to carry on experiment of Eye-lid Screen Technology. (Dr. Xia L.X. speaks.) According to Dr.Xia, program leader of the EST project, the chips consumes bio-energy from the movements of eyelid and it is implanted inside the eye-lid of volunteer. Detecting nuero-conduction from the finger-tips, the interface of the eye-lid screen can be controlled by the movements of fingers. The screen inside people’s eye-lid allows people  to watch all sorts of things with their eyes closed. ZSF reports live from Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.”




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