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Boudoir. Hong Kong. is a live interactive art project takes place on November 1st 1:00 am Hong Kong time. (October 31th 10:00am in Los Angeles)

For the Player:

Eva, V, Shanti and Miffy are four ladies living and working in Hong Kong. Now they invite you to check out their living spaces.

You can choose either one to start. There’s a time limit for each visit, approx. 5 min. and you can choose to visit the other ladies room or leave the game.

 Rules for player

Before entering each room, you should say hi to call the attention to start a video call.

You should type your request to explore the room. Your request should be short and workable sentences like: ”look around” “turn right” “open the door” ”get the book” ”walk forwards” etc. for unacceptable request, there will be a feedback of refusal.

If you leave the room within 5 min, please remember to say good-bye and thank them.

The four ladies contacts are under the recent contacts list, they are Shanti: (displayed name: John); Miffy; V; and Eva (displayed name: Chenglu Ge).


You are also encouraged to go on a little treasure hunting:

 In Eva (Chenglu Ge)’s Room: find the Cat Food.

 In Miffy’s room: find a yellow chick model.

 In Shanti (John)’s place: find the Knitted sweater.

 In V’s place: find two McDull model.


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